Below you can access curriculum (K-12) for Global Education. Some of these resources may be cross-posted on multiple pages.

Global Competence Defined by the Asia Society


Millennium Development Goals (posters and activities, from Oxfam)
Bead for Life
Facing History and Ourselves
external image empty.png the classroom as a global community.ppt
A database of case studies/texts (it's for science, yet there are many subject areas that relate directly with social studies)
Oxfam "Get Global" Curriculum (fabulous activities that help students see connections between local, national, and global issues. The activities are thoughtful, student centered, and ask students to be active learners)

Earth 2100 Engaging movie (put out by ABC) that dramatizes what climate change may look like in the United States, and worldwide. For high school (maybe middle).
Fixing the Future A PBS movie featuring communities across the United States who are exploring new economic paradigms. Engaging for students. Movie questions above. High School.