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What is 'global education'?

Global education is when classrooms are immersed in building global competence. Globally competent students have the knowledge and skills to investigate the world, weigh perspectives, communicate ideas, and take effective action.

Why develop global competence?

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Our role is to prepare students to step into a changing world. We live on a planet where trade, economics, politics, and technology are global. There is truly no longer an 'us' and 'them.' For example, 25% of particulate matter found in Los Angeles can be traced to China's industrialization; the economic woes of the United States have profound impacts on other nations.

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Students must be able to tackle climate change, poverty, our economic challenges, and more. As educators, we can prepare them to understand and take on these challenges. Rigorous content can help students understand and turn challenges (past and present) into opportunities to communicate, innovate, and redesign possible solutions.

"So it's not just about recycling our cans and bottles, or even our old highways,

it's about recycling the way we think -- taking our old ideas and giving them new

life, and tapping into possibilities that are limitless." -- from Design e2